I’ve searched high and low to find great resources for South African travel. By far, the best way to properly explore South Africa is through the eyes and ears of a South African. These five award-winning, native bloggers will have something for everyone’s tastes. From family-oriented nature protectors to jet-setting adventurers, this diverse set of writers will pique the interest of anyone.  


Lauren Manuel, The Travel Manual

Husband and wife Vaughan and Lauren share their adventures through video, stories, and breathtaking photography – their photos are extremely Instagram-worthy for their 16,700 followers! Their Pinterest account is also something to rave about because it’s so organized and easy to use for someone who’s planning a trip.

Originally from Cape Town, this couple travels the world but never forgets about their roots in South Africa, where Lauren was recently featured on the Expresso Morning Show with Katlego Maboe. Travel Manual is a 2015 and 2016 African Blogger Awards Winner and was featured on Smile 90.4, Power 98.7, BBC Travel, and in-flight magazines Mango Juice and Sawubona.


Andrew Brauteseth, Guy With Camera


Andrew Brauteseth in GQ

Andrew Brauteseth in GQ

Hence the name, Andrew is a guy with a camera. He enjoys writing as well and documents his travels, city experiences and work through his blog and video reel. “10 Reasons Why Cape Town is the Best City in The World” is possibly the highlight of his blog. Not only did he write the article, but he packaged it into an easily-digestible video — all of which he shot and edited himself.   

Although he enjoys writing, it’s the photos that set Andrew apart from other travel bloggers who usually post exotic pictures filled with energy and color. Andrew’s black and white images are mysterious, but showcases the detail of scenery and emotion in Cape Town.


Travelstart Blog

Founded by Stephen Ekbergh, the Travelstart Blog lets you get two tasks accomplished at once – read about what Africa has to offer AND book travel plans! Flights, hotel rooms and rental vehicles can all be booked and paid for with help from a travel agent at Travelstart.   

The company is based in Cape Town with additional agencies in Lagos, Cairo and Dar es Salaam, as well as countries in Europe and Asia. Each agency has its own blog with suggested places to visit and travel advice, so it can easily be personalized to fit your travel desires. If you’re looking for a place to simplify your travel and tourism plans, Travelstart Blog is a one-stop-shop for your travel needs.


The Getaway Travel Blog

This blog, headed by Sonya Schoeman, is composed of a full-fledged team similar to a magazine. With both print and digital formats, Getaway has become a highly regarded source of all things travel-related in Southern Africa. In addition to written content – which ranges from recipes to places to visit — they provide giveaways, special offers, travel and booking plans, events listings and outdoor gear reviews. The Getaway Travel Blog is the place to go for the active outdoorsman.


de Wets Wild

The family behind de wets wild.

The family behind de Wets Wild.

Primarily nature-based, this blog is run by a family that enjoys protecting and showcasing the diverse natural heritage of South Africa. From the smallest nature reserves to the biggest national parks, readers can get the inside scoop on must-see wildlife and nature trails. The blog is run by husband and wife Dries and Marilize, along with their son Joubert, and is a runner up of the 2015 South African Blog Awards.

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