You’ve scoured the land and sailed the seas, and now the sky’s the only limit left. There are few experiences to better get your adrenaline pumping than soaring through the open air, and the SA adventure scene has plenty of ways to feed that need. Whipping through the winds above the stunning natural sights of this country is an experience open to a variety of experience levels, so you don’t have to be an extreme sports veteran to jump right in (literally). Check out these amazing adventures lying ahead of you in the skies above South Africa.
Bungee jumping off of the Bloukrans Bridge will get any adventurer's heart pounding

Bungee Jumping

A popular entry into extreme air sports, bungee jumping is a great way to get flying without the need for training or expensive equipment. As a matter of fact, South Africa is home to the world’s highest bungee jumping site: the 216-meter-tall jump off of Bloukrans Bridge in Tsitsikamma, between the Eastern and Western Cape. Adventurous jumpers get a breathtaking view of the picturesque canyon below. Since nearly anyone with the requisite bravery can do it, bungee jumping is an exhilarating entrance to the world of extreme air sports. Once you’ve conquered the jump, everything else will seem natural.

Glide over South Africa's stunning coastline


South Africa’s stunning coastline regions are perfect for this controlled flight, and rides are available for every level of experience. Beginners can ride in tandem with an instructor, while more experienced gliders ride solo. Vantage points like Lions Head mountain overlooking Cape Town offer a view like no other in the world. If the cityscape doesn’t do it for you, the adjacent Garden Route is home to numerous flight paths over majestic mountains and sparkling seas. For an extreme altitude combined with a calmer, even meditative flight, hang gliding is the trip of a lifetime.

Wing Suits are perhaps the height of extreme air sports available in South Africa


If bungee jumping and hang gliding seem a little tame to you, more experienced fliers can strap on a wingsuit and soar like an eagle through the South African skies. Reserved for the most experienced BASE jumpers, wingsuits offer a greater degree of control over your descent, generating lift like an airplane wing. While you’re not quite flying, these suits will give you a gliding experience that lets you enjoy the incredible sights of the country while speeding furiously through the air, up to 150 kilometers per hour. You might not become a wingsuit champion like South Africa’s Julian Boulle, but you’ll feel the very same rush.