There’s something special about strolling into a coffee shop to enjoy a favorite beverage while reading the paper or chatting with fellow java lovers. So it’s no surprise that South Africa has experienced a resurgence in recent years as its coffee culture finds a growing audience. According to the South Africa Coffee Club, native coffee production has grown from 20 roasteries around the country to well over 100 in the past decade. Stats SA attributes much of the 2.8% growth in the fast food industry in 2014 to the rise in the coffee industry, which grew 7.8% during that same year.

Coffee has become a big growth market in South Africa as the country shifts its preferences from tea to java. As consumers become more familiar with what makes a good cup of coffee, the demand for good beans has surpassed the demand for instant coffee. In this shift we’ve seen the rise of a number of great coffee shops in and around Cape Town, including Origin Coffee Culture and Byblos. As these shops have grown in popularity in the past decade, coffee farmers have taken notice and many startups have popped up to meet production needs and take advantage of South Africa’s rich farmlands.

In fact there is even a coffee academy that has been training baristas in Cape Town since 2012. Mischu Coffee Showroom is an award-winning coffee shop and training center that not only trains baristas, but also offers guidance to entrepreneurs looking to start their own coffee shop. This pay it forward coffee culture is flourishing in South Africa, and we can expect the trend to continue in years to come. After all, once a culture falls for coffee, it’s hard to go back to tea.

Those traveling to Cape Town should be sure to plan a visit to mischu in Sea Point to experience the latest in South Africa’s coffee renaissance. Or visit Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop for a taste of tradition at one of the oldest coffee houses in the city.