In South Africa, influential bloggers are as talented as they are plentiful. The nation is brimming with innovation and culture, so while it’s not hard to find great blogs, it can be tricky to pick out the best of the bunch.

Getting to know South Africa’s network of bloggers can connect you to captivating personalities that share your interests and inspire you. When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, the best bloggers showcase outfits, experiences, life tips and more. Whether you’re looking for some trendy shoes or something fun to do in Cape Town, you’re bound to glean dozens of useful ideas from these talented individuals.

The well of lifestyle bloggers is a deep one, but everyone has to get started somewhere. Here are X South African fashion and lifestyle bloggers to watch, and the unique perspective their blogs have to offer.

Tee Tee is With Me

When people visit the Tee Tee is With Me site, they’ll see a clean easy-to-navigate site focusing on fashion, beauty, and travel from New York to South Africa to Thailand and beyond. The blog is a great place to get tips on how to travel, what’s going on, and keep looking great when you’re traveling or just being. The writing focuses on female-centric pieces while looking good and having fun at the same time.

Glitz and Grammar

Taking a little departure from the look and feel of Tee Tee is Glitz and Grammar, a site that is colorful, fun, and informative on everything from fashion to Pokemon. The tech aspect of this blog sets it a bit apart from the others. The writer(s) seem to be having a great time as they inform with their site. The point-of-contact for the site is a PR expert who indeed knows how to market her site. Like most fashion blogs, the content is mostly for and about women, but the grammar is searing with wit — the primary focus — the fashion and “Glitz” secondary.

Mr Lee Fraser

Women aren’t the only ones concerned with looking good. For men who want to keep up on the latest trends and blog that is more chronicling of Fraser’s journeys than offering places to visit, Mr. Lee Frazer looks like a personal photo catalog. Modeling all the fashions on the site is Lee Frazer himself showing off his fashion cred with his formidable street style. And if the reader is wondering how to keep up with male beauty via fragrance, skin, and face, they need only look at his Grooming menu item that includes tips and products to keep a gentlemen inside the “Man Box”.

House of KTs

The House of KTS is a blogging site founded and run by Creative Director, Kia Salter. Salter calls House of KTs a “lifestyle” brand site, and this couldn’t be more apt a description, because the site goes beyond just fashion, travel, or beauty. For one, Kia Salter is a writer and marketer as well as a proud blogger. Her articles offers stories about figures important to modern culture like photographers and artists. Some of her writing details how to brand an eBook, the beauty of a pen, and how makeup translates into art.

South Africa is entrenched in beauty, playfulness, and modernity; the people who write about its vibrant lifestyle, fashion, and travel reflect those things. From blogs with bright playful advice to ones that move deeper into the art and beauty that is South Africans, there are many ways to keep up with the vibrant scene of South Africa.

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