The Best Brandy You’ve Never Heard of

From my previous articles, you’ve come to understand that South Africa is a world leader in wines and whiskies, two surprising vintages that have been little-known outside the nation–at least until now. But there’s another part of the picture: brandy. In fact, of the...

South African Whiskey

From wines to olive oils, we’ve already covered a number of South Africa’s top exports on this blog. South Africa’s varied, fertile lands, from rolling grassland to the lush greenery of the coastal regions, seem to produce new culinary delights by the dozen. We can...

The Three Sisters of Cape Malay Cuisine

Given that our last article centered around the untold, colorful, and painful past of South Africa’s Cape Malay population, it seems only fitting to discuss three Cape Malay specialties which have come to define South African cuisine today: bobotie, koeksisters, and...

South Africa’s Forgotten Minority: The Cape Malays

Were it not for their unique cuisine, vibrant traditions, and beautiful houses in the Bo-Kaap district of Cape Town, South Africa’s Cape Malay population would have easily been lost to history. But beneath the cheerful veneer of pastel homes and deliciously fusion...

What’s in a Name? The Story Behind the Rainbow Nation

The Rainbow Nation. Coined by Desmond Tutu immediately after the first open, fair elections that the nation had seen, the nickname quickly came to encompass the myriad peoples and cultures of South Africa, from black to white and everyone in between. The moniker...

Bunny Chow: A South African Original

Durban, the thriving, seaside heart of South Africa, is best known for three things: its sprawling, golden sand beaches; its bustling, humming port; and bunny chow, deliciously savory, slow-cooked lamb curry served inside a hollowed-out loaf of bread. I may be...

5 South African Travel Bloggers You Should Follow

I’ve searched high and low to find great resources for South African travel. By far, the best way to properly explore South Africa is through the eyes and ears of a South African. These five award-winning, native bloggers will have something for everyone’s tastes....

Spotlight on 4 South African Lifestyle Bloggers

In South Africa, influential bloggers are as talented as they are plentiful. The nation is brimming with innovation and culture, so while it’s not hard to find great blogs, it can be tricky to pick out the best of the bunch. Getting to know South Africa’s network of...

Cape Town’s Coffee Culture is Percolating

There’s something special about strolling into a coffee shop to enjoy a favorite beverage while reading the paper or chatting with fellow java lovers. So it’s no surprise that South Africa has experienced a resurgence in recent years as its coffee culture finds a...

The Big Birds Sustaining South Africa’s Economy

Did you know that ostriches are the largest living birds and that over 80 percent of the world’s population makes its home in South Africa? This is also home to 65 percent of the world’s market for ostrich related products, from feathers to eggs to the popular South...

Circus Lions Find Freedom in Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

In what was its largest rescue mission to date, this past April the Animal Defenders International (ADI) orchestrated the transport of 33 former circus lions from South America to South Africa. The animal rights group works to place animals in their natural habitats,...

The Dwindling Rhinos of South Africa

The rhino population of South Africa has been in danger for years because of poachers killing for horns. Criminal groups are hunting down these endangered animals because an average rhino horn can fetch upwards of $150,000, or six times the price of a bar of gold.

How Social Media Is Driving Growth for American Rugby

As a South African, rugby is one of the first sports I recall becoming a fan of as a kid. Along with golf and cricket, rugby makes up a large chunk of my, and much of South Africa’s, sporting memories. In the U.S., however, rugby remains a fringe sport. Today, the sport is starting to catch on beyond college campuses.

Step Back In Time In South Africa’s Garden Route

The pretty town of Knysna is the tourist hub of South Africa’s Garden Route region, a 150km-long stretch of beach towns, ancient forests and mountainous scenery on the country’s southern coast. Its tidy streets bristle with travel agents while its guesthouses welcome honeymooners with flutes of South African bubbly.

South Africa’s First Female Owned Airline

Fly Blue Crane launched last September as the first airline owned by a black woman. In less than a year of service within South Africa, Fly Blue Crane is going to spread its wings and offer international flights to Swaziland and Mozambique. Soon they hope to further expand to Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Top 10 Hotels in South Africa

This article, written by Fiona Rossiter, was originally published on her lifestyle website:  Inspired Living, SA South Africa is a stunning location, that serves as the perfect destination for a getaway, whether it is romantic, for the family, involving business, or...

South Africa’s Bright Cricket Future

Cricket has been an intrinsic part of South Africa’s identity since the early 1800s, when the sport first came to the country. Two centuries later, the sport is just as strong, and South Africa’s relationship to the sport has evolved into a global perspective.

7 Heritage Sites in Port Elizabeth

South African heritage is not something you can sum up or pinpoint to something specific. It’s a delicate, colourful and tangled mix of where we came from, where we are and where we are going. It’s a lot of old with a hint of new breaking through to joyously celebrate our arts, cultures, languages, food and people. It’s our chiefs, our settlers, our generals.

South Africa’s Top 10 Parks and Reserves

This article, written by James Bainbridge, was originally published on From snow-capped mountains to the Bushveld, and from sub-tropical beaches to the Kalahari, South Africa is a mind-bogglingly diverse country. Showcasing the best of its stunning landscapes, its parks and reserves are great places to experience African wilderness and see the continent’s famous wildlife.

Cape Town’s Best Walking Tours

Cape Town’s beautiful city center—an easy-to-navigate grid brimming with historical monuments and quaint Victorian architecture aplenty—is in the throes of a revival. The streets have been cleaned up, hip new restaurants and boutiques keep opening, and a monthly art exibition and cultural program is one of the city’s star attractions. For those who want a closer look at all the vibrant city has to offer, read on for some of its best walking tours.

South Africa’s Most Popular Wines

If you aren’t a wine connoisseur, you may not know that South Africa is a major player in the global wine industry. Here are the 5 most popular wines according to the experts at Wine Enthusiast…

South Africa Flag

South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation—an array of cultures and backgrounds that make it the great country it is. At, you’ll find a true portrayal of the Rainbow Nation under a rainbow of topics ranging from wine to sports and beyond.